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USA has a new enemy in the park, in the shape of Iran.

However, what is soothing is, this battle will be fought on the internet not the real turf.

A warning by the cybersecurity and intelligence experts of United States of America reads that Iran might launch cyber attacks to retaliate for the reimposed sanctions against the country.

The USA intelligence is said to be preparing for the cyber attacks which rival country Iran might start in retaliation for the re-imposition of sanctions by President Donald Trump according to Cybersecurity and Intelligence experts.

Since May, the cyber attacks from Iran have raised more than one eye brows in the country, as soon as Trump, in 2015, pulled out of the nuclear deal.

The warning up-surged after Washington reinforced economic sanctions on Tehran, said experts.

However, Iran has denied using its cyber skills for objectionable purposes and blamed the USA for targeting Iran, yet again.

Recorded Future, a cybersecurity company, said, “It has seen an increase in chatter related to Iranian threat activity during the past several weeks.”

Moreover, Norm Roule (Rool), a former Iran manager for the USA National Intelligence Director’s office, thinks that there is a good chance Iran will retaliate in cyberspace.

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