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AAP’s Sangrur candidate Bhagwant Mann, once again faced the backlash from people of Punjab.

While doing a road show in one of the villages he adopted in Sangrur, Mann faced protesters who were not happy with his work and were showing black flags.

The protesters of Benda Village said AAP’s Sangrur candidate Mann adopted their village, but they did not get any development.

Comedian-turned-politician Bhagwant Mann replied to the protesters in his own unique manner.

Using a bizarre style Mann first ridded on the carriage of his luxurious Fortuner car and then demanded the DJ to play the popular Punjabi number “Dabda Kithe Aa”.

Popular Punjabi Singer Harjit Harman was also present in Bhagwant Mann’s road show.

After the DJ played the track Bhagwant addresses his protesters by the lyrics of the song and said that I am not a person who will get suppressed by such opposition.

Bhagwant Mann put on a show during his campaign while performing bhangra on Punjabi track.

It seems like Bhagwant Mann forgot that he is not in an intimate function but on road, as it can be seen in the video that by the time Mann demanded for the Punjabi track his worker were near Gurudwara Sahib (a place of assembly and worship for Sikhs) of Benda Village.

Villagers upset with Mann’s behavior said that It looks like Mann is drunk, he didn’t even cared while dancing in front of our holy place.

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