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Dark Web

As mysterious as the name sounds, the term is way more mysterious than that. Dark web is at times called the evil brother of the surface internet.

Dark web is a place where everyone is anonymous. There is no tracking people using dark web no matter what. The websites of the dark web cannot be found on the any of the mainstream search engines.

Hardcore criminals, hackers, drug dealers etc. are very common on the dark web. They sell all kind of stuff, drugs, illegal weapons, credit card details and other illicit things.

The only problem is, they are selling the access to your mobile now.

How? Through SS7

Are you familiar with the term SS7? No? SS7 or signalling system no. 7 is a top secret closed internet network used by almost all the cellular phone companies to track your calls, messages and even your location.

However, what is tormenting is that the mighty signalling system no.7’s security is fragile and is very easy to breach and the dark web knows it.

It means anyone after paying $150 can buy access to your smartphone.

They can interfere in your call; they can read your messages, they can know where you are, also they can make a call and send a message from your phone just by paying $150.

As unfair as it may sound this all is true as light.

How’s Running This Vicious Cycle?

A hacker named “interconnector” is claiming to have this magical power. She has three plans, by 150 bucks every month you will get the call details and the physical location of desired person’s phone.

If you want to intercept calls and text messages of a person Interconnector is charging 250 bucks per month for this service of hers.

Nonetheless, there is a full package too, which can be accessed by paying 500 dollars per month to this notorious and smart hacker.

There are some talks in the market

There are talks in the dark web that this short fame hacker “Interconnector” is a big fat liar and is running a massive scam.

Many people believe this is a pretty severe game she is claiming to have mastered and a single person couldn’t hold a network this big.

To prove her critics wrong, Interconnector declared she would post a free site in coming days, where the world could actually use and test the whole thing out.

So What Now?

The interconnector is claiming one thing, and her critics are saying another but what are you going to do in this scenario?

This is just one scam we are talking about here; dark web is thousand times more dangerous than that are you willing to risk the safety of yours and your family’s?

The simplest of the way to make sure that nothing like this may never happen to you is Web Eagle. The online service tracks record of your data and notify you immediately when something fishy is found.

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