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california wildfire

The search continues today for the victims of the California state’s most destructive wildfire.

The confirmed number of dead is standing at 25 but the officials do fear to find more bodies.

“14 additional bodies were located; remains of 10 people were recovered from the Paradise area, of those 7 individuals were found in homes while 3 were found outside,” the official said.

The mobile DNA Lab has been called in to help identify human remains recovered from rubble in the town of Paradise.

Flames hovered through that community on Friday destroying almost every home while 110 people remain unaccounted for.

Officials are holding out hope that many are not safe but just have no way for contacting their loved ones.

For the south of Los Angeles, two other major fires are burning, 2 people have died in those fires.

And the flames have forced 150,000 residents out of their beach side community.

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