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diesel consumption

Monthly diesel consumption domestically plunged for the first time in 10 months annually in September, showed a data released by the government on Friday.

At the same time, petrol sales increased by slightest in four months since record high prices dented demand.

Despite higher sales of jet fuel and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), overall fuel demand restrained to 1.1% in September due to lower local sales of diesel and petrol.

Owing to a steep fall in the value of rupee and climbing oil prices caused record high pump prices of petrol and diesel.

As a result, the government was forced to cut taxes on them and requesting traders to cut marketing limits by 1 rupee per litre.

The Chairman of Hindustan Petroleum Corp, M. K. Surana said, “It may have some price impact but we need to analyse that… last month growth in petrol and diesel consumption were impacted as (in) September 2017 there was a robust growth.”

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