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The new enthusiastic president of United States is all set to make life hell for people who dreams to get the US citizenship one day.

He is promising the people of America that he is winning the current mid-term elections, he will strike down the law which makes every person born in USA its citizen.

Mr. President calls it a crazy, lunatic policy.  Calling the whole thing an industry he said,
“the birthright citizenship has generated a commerce, it’s the birthright citizenship.”

He claimed that pregnant mothers from all over the world comes to US soil, just so that their baby could have the American Citizenship and that they could have all the benefits.


“Hundreds of children born to illegal immigrants automatically gains citizenship of our country every year because of this crazy, lunatic policy that we can end it,” announced Trump.

Donald was speaking at a rally organized at Columbia, Missouri.

Many Indians are part of these plans too, they seeking the US visa wrap their family planning around this thing.

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