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It looks like that the whole Punjab unit of Aam Adami Party was in action today, Khiara, Sandhu, Gandhi and Kejriwal himself.

Member Parliament from Patiala Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi led “Punjab Manch” today organized a huge gathering to discuss the issue of Federalism and Autonomy at, Sector 29 D of Chandigarh.

Prof. Pritam Singh from Oxford University asserted that India is a multi-national country, and this truth be given precedence in all spheres and all walks of life.

He described the unity of all Punjabis is a necessary condition for prosperity of Punjab. The failure to decentralize the power to the states led to the division of India in 1947.

He blamed Congress and its leaders for the communal division, even more than Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Garga Chaterjee of Bangla Pokho from West Bengal emphasized the need for self respect in this diversity as a necessary condition for unity among diversity.

He reminded that India was not built on one religion or one language  He also asserted that the 1947 unfortunate division of India was in fact division of Punjab and Bengal.


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