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After a long and heavy drinking-session there are just ways to get your mind set, either you digest the drinks or just throw up and clean up your system.

In a very strange incident in China was feeling discomfort in his throat from a long time, but he chose not to pay much attention to that.

According to a Chinese-language newspaper in Hong Kong, 63-year-old man from Hubei, went overboard at a drinking session and he began throwing up.

While vomiting he felt a sudden sharp pain in his throat followed by the sudden presence of a meatball-like stuff in his mouth.

The man was so full with alcohol that he thought he vomited a part of his body out.

Quickly he swallowed the ‘meatball’ back with a glass of water.

Post the incident, the man finally decided to consult a doctor. He went to a hospital in Wuhan, where the doctor conducted the endoscopic test.

Doctors were shocked when they heard his story and discovered that the ‘meatball’ he was referring earlier was in fact a tumor growing at the top of the man’s esophagus.

As per the test result, the tumor had grown up all the way to the man’s throat and if it was not treated in time, it could have blocked the trachea and caused suffocation.

Finally, the man underwent a surgery to remove the 15cm-long and 4 cm- thick tumor and later the doctors identified it as a fibroma.

The man had described the mass he threw up and swallowed back as a “long forked tongue.”

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