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Former president of America, Barack Obama addressed 2,000 exuberant
students of University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

He remarked the causes of present improved economic condition of U.S.
is due to the strong foundations laid by his Government.

He almost expected from President Trump to state the facts than by
creating allusions.

According to Obama, these allusions have always turned Trump down on
various occasions because they were not fact-based.

Talking about his part, he stated about believing in fact based
politics as well as reality.

Former Democrat was persistently urging the students to vote for his opinion.

It’s so due to his statement “Booing doesn’t help anyone. Voting helps”.

He warned the nation not to vote Republicans and get them back into
the power. He expected the consequences to be “profoundly dangerous”.

The elections will take place on November 6.

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