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Sikhs can carry their Kirpan throughout England from now.

The government of United Kingdom in a law passed recently has cleared that Sikhs in United Kingdom can carry their religious sword without being questioned.

The amendment was passed by the Brit government, after a new weapons bill was proposed in the parliament , to keep the Sikhs of England happy.

As the awareness about Sikh community and its teachings is  spreading in the world, new countries every day are growing more tolerant for the cult.

The Offensive Weapons Bill, 2018, completed its various readings in the House of Commons this week and has now moved to the House of Lords for approval.

“We have engaged closely with the Sikh community on the issue of kirpans. As a result, we have amended the Bill to ensure that the possession and supply of large kirpans for religious reasons can continue,” a UK Home office spokesperson said on Thursday.

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