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Facebook has been discharged from a legal proceeding filed by the family of a Cleveland non-worker whose shooting death was recorded and posted on the social media.

The decease case over 2017 Robert Godwin Sr. death defendant Facebook of carelessness for not catching and reportage the shooter’s denote threats.

Steve Stephens posted a video of him killing 74-year old Godwin on a Cleveland street.

After a few days, Stephens killed himself when the police were searching for him in Erie, Pa.

A Judge in Cleveland delivered a verdict that Facebook should not be held for any wrongfully doing for the execution.

Soon after the shooting, the social media platform said it received its first report of the incident after it had ended.

The Company said, “It disabled the account within 23 minutes of receiving the first report about the killing video.”

The lawyers of Facebook argued the court case didn’t show how it could have interpreted a post from one of the billions of users to mean forthcoming danger and act quick enough to prevent Godwin’s death.”

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