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Toronto – $4.1 million will be spent by the federal government on the three cannabis-related open education campaigns meant for young people in Toronto.

Minister of Health’s Parliamentary Secretary, John Oliver declared the funding as part of Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP).

The program will help educate youth about the effects of cannabis on health and the risks of drug-impaired driving.

The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association, St. Stephen’s Community House and Operation Springboard are the three Toronto-based organizations which will be receiving funds for the next three years.

An advertising campaign will be launched to promote social responsibility and draw attention to the threats of using recreational cannabis, said the Ontario government.

The federal funding was announced a day after the government told about this advertising campaign.

The Ontario government said, “It will sell recreational cannabis online when it is lawful on October 17, with private retail stores set to be in place by April next year.”

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