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After getting his autonomy he was asking from some days now, in the form of suspension, today while sharing the stage with Dr. Gandhi, Kanwar Sandhu, Simarjit Bains and other loose leaders of Punjab, Sukhpal Singh Khaira is now demanding the “free Punjab” too.

“Federal India and Democratic Punjab” is the slogan given by another suspended leader of Punjab AAP, Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi, who thinks Punjab and other states of India must be given full authority to use its resources and everything by itself.

There was no one central agenda of the conference but a cluster of it, the fresh credit war going on in Punjab about the Kartarpur Corridor, the alleged alliance of BJP and Congress in Punjab and Punjabi resources were a few of them.

“India is a collect of states… the time has come that the Punjabis must unit and fight against the Central government which has been taking us for granted from last many decades,” claimed the Member Parliament of Patiala, Dr. Gandhi.

Gandhi also announced that sooner than later they are going to come together under one banner and party also, anyone who will talk about the betterment of Punjab will be merged within.

Demanding from the center, Doctor said, “We can run the state better than you people (BJP-Akali), you have ruined the state in last 70 years.”

In a press conference held at the official resident of Sukhpal Singh Khaira at Sector 5 of Chandigarh, Khaira also made an announcement about the “Insaaf March”.

The Insaaf March as per Khaira will start from 8th December and may end on 16th of the same month.

“We will start it from Takht Damdama Sahib of Talwandi Sabo and will end at Patiala the center of Punjab’s politics now,” asserted Khaira.

54 villages will be traveled in this march and the agenda of this march will be the solution seeking of the injustice Punjabis are facing.

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