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Believe it or not, but the researchers are claiming to find a Greek trading ship which they believe can be 2400 years old easily.

The ancient ship was found at the bottom of Black Sea as per the researchers.

But wait, this is not the only ship which they have found, the people have claimed to find as many as 60shipwrecks on the murderous Black Sea.

They have found all sorts of ships, Roman and Cossack raiding fleet too.

Researchers in their three years long study used deep-water camera units to map the sea floorings.

The official statement reads, “A diminutive bit of the ship has been carbon dated, it is confirmed, the oldest (known to humankind) intact shipwreck.”

A professor named Jon Adams of University of Southampton commented on the new discovery saying, “A ship, existing after unharmed, from the Classical world, lying in 2 kilometer of sea, is something I would never have trusted.”

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