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Chandigarh: The gangster Dilpreet Singh has made a big disclosure regarding the news of threat to Gippy Grewal on Facebook.

According to the police as well as Gippy, Dilpreet had demanded ransom from Gippy Grewal, but Dilipreet said that he did not call Gippy Grewal and asked for any ransom. Moreover, he did not have any conversation with Gippy Grewal.

Dilpreet shared a post on his Facebook page saying that his conversation happened with the manager of Gippy Grewal, in which he had asked him to deliver the message to Gippy Grewal to stop promoting gangster lifestyle in his films.

Dilpreet said that the songs on gangsters have a bad effect on the youth of Punjab. For the same reason, the youth of Punjab want to walk on the path of gangsters who are not exactly right.

On the release of Gippy Grewal’s film ‘Carry On Jatta 2’. It was said that Grewal received an extortion call from gangster Dilpreet Dhahan.

Dilpreet, the gangster who was accused of shooting at Parmish Verma for the reason of extortion, was found to be extorting Gippy as well. Grewal gave a statement in a police station, Mohali and lodged an FIR against Dilpreet.

According to the statement given by Gippy, he got a WhatApp call from a number and he was threatened by the caller who was himself Dilpreet. However, Gippy had not given any number through which the call was received.


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