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These general elections have just turned ‘ultra general’ with the efforts made by Member Parliament of Patiala Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi.

When other conventional politicians are ready to spend millions of rupees during the season of general elections, there is an MP from Punjab who is finding it even harder to make it to the polls.

A video of Dr. Gandhi’s is going viral on social media, where he is appealing people to donate money so that he could campaign well for the upcoming elections.

Gandhi in the video elaborates what he has done in past, and has claimed that what he has done in past 5 years can be compared to the works done in last 15 years of other MPs of Patiala.

Doctor claimed that he is going to use every platform to seek donation from his supports and shook the foundation of the leader of forts (Praneet Kaur).

“Even your 100 and 200 INR could make big difference, I shall be very grateful to you for this” declared Gandhi.

Watch the video here:

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