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Gulab Singh, the first Amritdhari Sikh police officer from Pakistan on Tuesday claimed that he and his family were forcibly evicted from his house in Dera Chahal.

Meanwhile, a video of some some people attacking Singh’s house has gone viral. Gulab, who was also taking care of the Gurudwara in Dera Chahal, said that he and his family had been evicted from his home even though the court’s stay by the local police officials and his turban was forcefully removed and hair untied.

Alleging the situation, Gulab Singh said “the condition of the Sikh community living in Pakistan is getting worse by every passing day. It seems that the Islamic fundamentalists and the people of Pakistan themselves do not want us to live in Pakistan anymore.”

“This is how Sikhs are treated in Pakistan. I am being targeted. I was dragged out of my own house; my turban was pulled off” added Singh.

Singh accused the officials of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) of forcefully removing him and his family from his house. He also stated that ETPB secretary Tariq Wazir had thrashed him.

Violence towards Sikh community in Pakistan is a significant issue for the Sikh community nowadays. The whole tension in Pakistani Sikh community erupted when a Sikh activist Charanjit Singh was shot dead in Peshawar, recently.

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