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According to Proffessor Pandit Rao, who is basically from south India but settle in Punjab because of his immense attraction for Punjab and its culture, Punjabi singers are singing songs that glorify gun culture in the state, which can indeed increase the violence resulting from the gun and “goli” culture, glorified gangster lifestyles and drug scenario.

Many in Punjabi music industry are deliberating why they are promoting such singing trends that either show woman as a commodity or “bandookbazi” (gun culture), causing trouble in society.

Nowadays, through these songs, people are contemplating that only guns, drugs, fights and weapons are the symbols of pride.

Because of this trend in Punjab, it has become fashionable that one should at least release songs featuring gangster rap songs, drinking of alcohol, flaunting weapons and doping to achieve name and fame. And shockingly, youths today admire these songs to impress their friends, which is completely ill-logical. Censorship mechanism should be adopted by Punjabi songs and film industry to keep a check on unnecessary projection of unhealthy ingredients.


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