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Sukhpal Singh Khaira  the rebellious leader of Aam Adami Party has been an unnecessary back pain for Aam Adami Party. He finally left the party yesterday, but yet is a Member of Legislative Assembly, Punjab.

A lot leaders had a lot to say about previous LoP’s resignation from the party’s membership, today finally convener of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal spoke and it was a clear cut answer.

“We do not need greedy leaders with us, people who want to , our party grew stronger when people, greedy of power and status left the party”, claimed Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind also warned them that people who wants only higher positions in the party can see themselves out of the organization, as AAP don’t need them

Kejriwal was here in Haryana to campaign for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in which AAP is looking to do better than before in the neighboring state of Punjab.

Today, the previous LoP of Punjab Vidhan Sabha Sukhpal Khaira, also conducted a Press meet in which he has blasted against his previous party and of course the convener of AAP.

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