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Back in the Year 2017, the one who impressed us all with his amazing voice is Himmat Sandhu who is one of the young, talented and emerging singers of our Punjabi music industry.

In a very short span of time, he managed to win the hearts of the masses through his singing.

Himmat Sandhu begins his career with Popular Punjabi Reality singing show.

In an exclusive interview with Global Punjab TV, Himmat revealed so many interesting facts about him.

During an interview, in one of our game session, he has to name one female artist whom he admires the most in Punjabi industry.

He revealed, “I admire Sonam Bajwa. Nothing is serious, i just like her onscreen.”

However, Himmat Sandhu is well known as Chota Bindrakhia because his voice is quite similar to legend Surjit Bindrakhia.

However, 2018 year was very good for Himmat Sandhu. As he went on providing us entertainment with his blockbuster songs like Marzi de Faisle, Charche, Ankhaan, Sad Sale and Daru Di Smell.

Again, he took our hearts away with his latest title track titled ‘Bodyguard’.

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