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Abu Dhabi includes Hindi as third court language

In addition while improving access to justice; Abu Dhabi has included Hindi as the third official language used in its courts, alongside Arabic and English.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) made this decision focusing on the Indian community in the UAE.

According to official figures, from the total UAE population the Indian community constitutes 30% of the total population in the country, numbering 2.6 millions.


Yousef Saeed Al Abri, undersecretary of the ADJD, said, “This is in addition to facilitating registration procedures to the public through simplified and easy forms and raising litigants’ legal awareness via interactive forms of the statements of claims, to ensure access to the legal materials related to the subject of the dispute.”

The decision aimed at helping Hindi speakers to learn about litigation procedures, their duties and rights without a language barrier, in addition to facilitate registration procedures via unified forms through the ADJD website.

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