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homeless law in hungary

Hungary: A new homeless law has been passed by the Hungarian parliament which intends to clear thousand homeless people off the Budapest streets and other towns.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government said, “The new homeless law aims to provide proper living conditions for the homeless and has set aside money to help them.”

The law is considered to help the homeless as there are enough places in homeless shelters, says the government.

However, the opponent denies that stating the law criminalises the homeless, who might have to deal with fines, community work or even imprisonment.

Next week, the law will come into force.

Anyone who is caught sleeping rough in the urban areas can be sentenced to community service or a fine, if they either decline to move ahead when asked for or are caught in the same zone again.

For those who live in shacks in the woods, are alarmed especially by a provision in the new law.

The provision allows that if anyone builds those structures without permission will be imprisoned.

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