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Security At Your Workplace

People spend billions every year to enhance security at the place where earn bread for themselves and their families.

As per a survey, 95% of the burglaries incidents take place by forceful enter, by breaking a window, picking a lock or by knocking the door off.

Therefore, to give you some tips on how to improve security at the workplace, this post was written.

Commercial door

When you are spending to keep your business safe, you cannot play cheap; you will have to spend extra bucks to make sure your earning source is out of harm’s way.

Every place and locality needs a different kind of commercial doors; you should consult a professional at this front.

Install an alarm system

Places which don’t have an alarm are 300 prone to burglary crimes than the ones which have security alarms.

This makes it quite clear why your workplace should have an uptown alarm system installed at your workplace.

Best alarms in the market have this option that, if a burglar ever tries to break into your house, it will start making a loud noise and will also inform your local police station.

Check what people are bringing to your office

Sometimes it is an inside job when the security of your office is breached, people say you cannot do anything to prevent this, but it is not right, you can.

You can hire a trained security personnel, who will check what people are bringing to your office. Anything suspicious or anything that can cause harm will be screened out and chances of an inside job shatters, through this prevention.

You can also assign a room on the outer areas of your office to visitors.

Protect the printers

It may sound bizarre, but it is not, postmodern printers tend to store data inside their databases. If your printer is hacked or stolen by someone, the person may access your documents easily.

Consequently, it is essential to guard your printers, also make sure extra copies of documents are locked safely in the shredder.

Technology is a blessing but only when used wisely, or things can go wrong really fast.

Install cameras

It is unnecessary to say, but you have to install close circuit cameras at your workplace. Install them in every room of your office, if possible install multiple in one room, so that if one missed the angle other may catch anything fishy.

CCTV cameras have served police very humbly in recent past, and the police have taken help of these little devils to solve many cases.

When you have a board saying you are under surveillance people will watch their actions and burglars will think to break in twice.


There are some places in this world where we should spend more money than the others and workplace tops this list. You are earning your living from this place, why shouldn’t you spend to keep it safe and keep the money coming?

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