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A Punjabi Hardeep Singh of Bajra village of Jalandhar city recalled the headline you just have read; “I knew I am never returning to home ever again”.

Hardeep is one of those many Punjabi youths who after coming into the contact of wrong people, (mostly fake/greedy travel agents) and ruin their life.

Singh had a dream of going to Germany for a golden future of his parents and children which led him to the most painful ten years of his ilife.

He had two friends of his with him, Ravi Kumar and Gurpreet Ram. The trio flew from Delhi airport on February 19, 2018.

The victim, recalls the incident saying “when I reached Delhi airport on February 19, the travel agent handed me a passport that had a Ukrainian visa”.

“We were told that we have a 15-day stay there and then we would go to Germany by taxi, agent said we have to stay in Ukraine because this is how long it will take to prepare the papers.”

He claimed that he was also happy after meeting the travel agent, coz he did not ask for any money before he made it to Ukraine. The trio took just 1500 Euros with them.

When they touched down at Ukraine airport, two men from the travel agent’s agency came to pick them up. “These people took our passport and the Euros asked us to stay in a room” asserted Singh.

Deep too said that the trio was locked in one room once 15 days were over, they keep on asking us for more money, to smuggle them to Germany.

The friends and Hardeep are claiming to have given their kidnappers the amount became 16 lakh 50 thousand.

“Even after delivering such a huge amount, they kept asking for more money, we spent ten months in that hell,” said Hardeep.

Eventually, travel agents drove them out of the room on November 25. Hardeep said that he was surprised that where he was now. They had only three hundred Euros that they had asked from their friends.

As the money in hand was very low, they even ate the food with moderation. His dream of going to Germany was shattered. They felt that they would never return to their country and die here.

Hardeep said that he did not lose heart and in some way contacted the Punjab Police India on Facebook and told them that they are trapped in Ukraine here.

The police rescued them by arresting the agent staying in India. After police’s interference the trio was rescued and brought back to India.

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