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Trend or I would say our dependency for online shopping has exceeded to such extent that Flipkart and Amazon had their festive season sale for the second time.

It all shows the sales are at national level and the response of the population is quite impressive.

All we have to wonder: Is it really beneficial or there is any cost that we are paying knowingly or unknowingly?


  1. Nothing can be so helpful as online shopping when we have no time in our such busy lifes.

We can have so many options at one site, of products, one brands, prices and of course deals.

2.Deals are almost unbeatable to get in our local market. It is almost affordable. It’s like a consumer can get 2 things at one point of time: save money and time.

  1. We can place the order the order at any point of time. No worries of time or wait of opening of the shop. It’s a 24×7 available shop.

Now let’s have a look towards the costs that come with every benefit.

  1. Sadly, there is no bargaining which we Indians love to do.
  2. Secondly, it is a one step contributing to break of social ties. We know that we are so busy in the race of filling our bank accounts that our relationships are left behind. So, in a way earlier we would go with someone and some quality time was spent with our loved one which is almost galloped by this online shopping.
  3. At times, products aren’t quite authentic enough. Enough discrepancy can be seen in the uploaded product and the item sent.

Considering the third cost Be Wise enough in choosing products.

Have a nice festive season.

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