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H-1B Visa Fraud

An Indian-American man has been arrested and charged with H-1B visa fraud and mail fraud in California.

On Friday morning, the 46-year-old Kishore Kumar Kavuru was arrested and produced before the US Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen.

However, Kishore was released on bail later.

Kishore has been accused with 10 counts of H-1B visa fraud and also with mail frauds in association with a scheme to keep a foreign workers team for the clients of his consulting companies.

10 years in jail and a maximum fine of $250,000 for each count of visa fraud and up to 20 years of imprisonment for each count of mail fraud, is being faced by the accused.

About 43 petitions for H-1B software engineers had been submitted and mailed by Kishore through his consulting companies.

As part of the scheme, Kavuru required some potential workers to pay thousands of dollars in cash before he would prepare and submit the visa applications, said Department of Justice.

Adding, the Department of Justice said that he also required some workers to wait unpaid, sometimes for months, to be placed at an end-client’s workplace.

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