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Indian origin man Sarath Purushothaman won the first Big Ticket raffle draw of 2019’s top prize in Abu Dhabi.

The Big Ticket’s highest ever prize money to be given, amounted up to a whopping 15 million UAE Dirhams (Rs 28 crore in Indian currency).

Coincidentally, from top ten winners, eight were Indians, out of which six are from Kerala.

As per information, the event was live streamed and held at Abu Dhabi International Airport Thursday morning.

When Sarath was informed about the big win, he initially refused to believe it and said that he would “call back after checking the Big Ticket website”.

One of the organizers then asked Sarath, “You have just won Dh15 million. How do you feel?”

“Okay,” responded Sarath.

Later, Sarath said that he had been regularly buying the ticket for a very long time now and had bought the ticket along with his friends.

With giving any other details, he added that he would soon be travelling to Kerala to meet his mother.

The second price was won by Indian expatriate Jinachandran Vazhoor Narayana of Dh100,000.

While, the third winner was a Pakistan national Shahid Fareed won a BMW Series 4 car.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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