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Indian-Origin Jewelery Store

The jewelery shop of an Indian-origin man (gold shop) in Canada, has presented an example of valor.

Not only did he save the jewelery store from the plunder, but he also taught such a lesson to the miscreants trying to rob that they would not do so again.

Indeed, in the Indian-origin jewelery shop, Ashok Jewelers in Canada, unidentified 4 robbers with covered faces tried to enter the shop by ramping red van in front of the store.

The whole incident was recorded in the CCTV camera. This incident is from the Mississauga town of Toronto, Canada’s capital.

According to the media report, when four unknown robbers broke the store window and tried to enter the shop, the employees and customers were present in the shop, but the owner of the shop was not there.

Witnesses who were present on the spot said that these miscreants had a hammer and a gun.

In the CCTV footage, one of the employees was seen brandishing a sword at the intruders.

After failing to loot, the robbers escaped in a black SUV. The footage was obtained from the CCTV camera outside the jewelery shop.

A few days before this, such loot was witnessed in a jewelery shop near Ashok Jewelers.

Arjun Kumar, son of Ashok Jewelers owner, said that these swords were given to the employees as a gift.

The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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