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Known for his raging interviews and for the fact that he never holds back, MLA Dakha and ex-LoP of Punjab Vidhan Sabha HS Phoolka, it looks like has landed himself into the soup again.

And this time he may have to do time in jail, probably a life sentence. Raj Kumar Verka, MLA, West Constituency of Amritsar has filed a written complaint against Singh, under the heinous charges of sedition.

Verka has written, “It is an established fact that leader of AAP party and Mr. H.S. Phulka had background of having links with Khalistani terrorists and always tried to divide the country…  baseless allegation leveled by Mr. Fulka has lowered down the morale of the Indian people as well as Army Personnel and he has made an attempt of traitor to spread terrorism in Punjab again and damage the peace of Punjab State.”

The Interview Of Phoolka

Phoolka in an interview given regarding the blasts of Amritsar to some North Indian Channel, yesterday claimed that the blasts are a political and military plot.

Yes, Phoolka actually said it. Phoolka said, “It is a possibility that to prove his own anticipation true, Army Chief would have planted the blast himself.”

Actually a few days back, Army Chief of India, Bipin Rawat claimed that the state of Punjab is under huge threat of Khalistani usurpation in coming years and Sikh hardliners are looking to curb back in Punjab.

The Aam Adami Party leader, in his interview was referring to the above written statement of the Army chief.

Phoolk what it looked like spur of the moment, even claimed that the Maur bomb blast of 2017 was also carried out by the government, which for some reason wants to show that situations are worsening in Punjab.

What Now?

Conviction rate in India is very low in India and it goes worse when it comes to politicians, but it is not the case when the politicians are of Aam Adami Party, so chances of Phoolka’s arrest are quite high.

Verka has requested police to register an FIR against, HS under section 124A of IPC, sedition, under which guilty can get imprisonment for life and fine or with impris­onment which may extend to three years, to which fine may be added.

Now what may happen to Phoolka will be another chapter to read in this epic tragedy called ‘Politics of Punjab’.

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