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Azhar Masood is in headlines once again. This time it is his ‘Death News’ that is trolling the internet. But there is no Official confirmation by the Pakistan authorities yet. Azhar Masood is the Most Wanted terrorist in the Indian List. Azhar is the Chief of Islamist Trrorist group Jaish-e- Mohammad based in Pakistan. India has been going to International bodies to pressurize Pakistan to nab the most dreaded terrorist. He is believed to be the mastermind behind several terrorist attacks in India. India has given numerous evidences of his presence in Pakistan.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had accepted in front of the media that Azhar Mahmood is present in Pakistan though very ill. Now the reports are surfacing that the Most wanted Terrorist was hit badly in the Balakot Air Strike that led to his death in a hospital.

Masood Azhar’s Brother Maulana Ammar’s video from a public function in Peshawar is also viral in which he is been heard of accepting their Balakot Camp being hit in the air strike. No doubt Pakistani Officials are still in Denial mode for accepting the Air Strike.

Defence Experts are even warning that the death news might be Pakistan’s new propaganda. After the Pulwama Attack, Pakistan officials were under immense International Pressure to act against Azhar Masood. Spreading the Death News of Azhar Masood can shed the pressure off their shoulders. Defense Experts has asked the Indians not to be a part of Pakistan’s propaganda.


Irvinder Singh

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