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A few days ago for the first time in three years any law-bidding organization gathered courage to summon the two star accused of the Bargadi, Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura incidents.

Parkash Singh Badal, five times Chief Minister of Punjab and his son Sukhbir Singh Badal has been called for questioning, for their possible involvement in the above-mentioned notorious crimes to humanity.

However, within days after beckoning Bapu Badal, the Special Investigation Team yesterday handed a great relief to the SAD senior leader.

The SIT in a revised summoned almost seeks permission of Badal Sr. writing, he can record the statement “wherever he is comfortable”.

Previously the Special Investigation Team summoned Parkash Singh to the circuit house of Amrtisar.

But, SAD hurling the law books in air, quoted CrPC’s (Code of Criminal Procedure) section 160. Section 160, dictates, none male, disabled person or female, above 65 or under the age of 65 can be called to any place other than their own house, to join a police probe.

If to rely on the statement of IGP Vijay Partap Singh, the hand behind both older and new summons, the amended summons will only provide relaxation to the ex-CM of Punjab, not actor Akshay Kumar or ex-deputy CM of the state Sukhbir.

Not The First Blunder

This is not the first huge blunder committed by the SIT, investigating the biggest scandal cum crime against Punjab of 21st century.

Earlier the SIT “accidently” sent the summons meant for previous Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal to the current Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s official house.

It is ironic how and why Parkash Singh Badal was given relaxation in this case as Bapu Badal had no difficulties moving just a month ago while preparing the “Jabar Virodhi Rally”.

“Wadde Badal Sahib” too is enjoying the super secure Z-plus security and lavish cars, what else should be sacrificed to Badal sir to enhance his comfort?

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