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Navjot Singh Sidhu

(Boney Bindra/Retesh Sharma) Only one question is howling in the streets of Punjab politics at the moment, will or will not the Cabinet Minister of Punjab and star ‘parcharak’ of Congress Party in India, Navjot Singh Sidhu be the next CM of Punjab?

The question rose after the opening of Kartarpur Corridor and people from all around the globe gave credit of the Corridor to Sidhu.

After the opening of Corridor, Sidhu is most discussed topic, not only in the state politics, but as well as national politics.

The way he attacks his ex party BJP, he has became the most demanding politics in the congress party for the purpose of rallies.

Now Us!

When we talk in the context of Punjab, current CM of the state Amarinder Singh, who already has announced that 2017 was his last elections after that he is going to retire from Punjab politics.

As you might have already know this but there is no big face coming out from the party who can come even closer to the political stature of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

The other factor which benefits Sidhu here is his jolly good relations with Congress high command.

He is the topmost favorite of the Gandhi kids Rahul and Priyanka.

Opposition in Party

There are many Punjab Congress leaders who are opposing Sidhu from within the party but only the high command pressure at the moment it looks like the only reason behind their open treason.

These days the failure in relations between Amarinder Singh and Sidhu are also the talk of the town.

For an instance, when in Hyderabad Sidhu was questioned about reaction of ‘his Captain’ on the ex-cricketer’s latest Pakistani visit, this is what he replied, “Kaun Captain , Kehra Captain? Mere Captain to Rahul Gandhi hai , Amrinder sing to Fauj ke Captain Hain.“

Captain Amarinder Singh’s id of not taking any action against Badal family is also something public is not liking at the moment, which is in full flow if not worse, now hate the Badals.


On the other hand when we talk about other big party in Punjab Shiromani Akali Dal has lost its path to victory in Punjab, at least, inch by inch, due to the misconduct of Bargadi Goli Kand.

Other  big party which at the moment are serving as the opposition party in Punjab Vidhan Sabha, AAP (Aam Adami Party), is itself divided into two ,faith of the populace of Punjab is no more in and with AAP.

So, Sidhu has become the ultimately first and only option of Punjab in upcoming election. But, next Punjab assembly election are after 3 years.

It is a long enough time for a the ‘Janta’ to change its mandate and choices, so if Sidhu show consistency in his work he for sure will became the ultimate option for Punjab when it comes to choosing a CM of the state.

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