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(Tanu Deep) It’s shocking to know the incident that happened to a Judge’s wife and
his son.

You must have seen the video already. Happened at Gurugram of Haryana this incident has shaken a lot of Indians already.

In some four five videos, a guard is seen shooting a woman and a boy of around 18, dead, in broad daylight.

The woman has died and the boy has been declared brain dead by the hospital faculty.

The Mute Spectators

But it is not the shooter what is upsetting and unsettling but the bystanders which shot the whole incident on camera but did not stop the culprit.

There were many people witnessing the incident from no longer than 100 yards far from the shooting.

Everyone was busy in making videos, many phones were seen in the videos, but no one was seen calling police or hospital.

But is it something of shock? Doesn’t feel like it. We see each day what is happening in our country each day.

People are being lynched, girls are being raped, and dogs are being shot, all for just the sake of it and people are witnessing all that without saying a word, mute spectators.

This is Inhumane because Albert Einstein has beautifully quoted ” The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Some social researchers say- If one or two people are present in the situation then there is a possibility, they might step up, now the nature of this conducts, if there are more people, then the probability of getting help must be increasing too.

But really does this happen in reality?

Reality completely contradicts this practice or social observation.
The shocking revelation made by people investigating this field is, the number of people present spotting the situation, the probability of receiving help decreases.

It’s even more interesting to know, why this happens.

It happens because every human being present in the situation thinks that other may step up and take the initiative.

Since, everybody thinks like that and nobody steps out of the sheep.

According to experts, in this kind of situation a phenomenon takes place named Diffusion of responsibility.

Diffusion of responsibility

Diffusion of responsibility is a socio-psychological phenomenon whereby a person is less likely to take responsibility for action or inaction when others are present.

For example, If 39 people are present in an emergency, then the responsibility gets divided by 1/39.

On the counter hand, If 1 or 2 people are present, then the likelihood of getting help increases because the responsibility doesn’t either divide or is shared by only two people.

Consider, the phenomenon diffusion of responsibility is universal.

Even if it’s U.S. or Canada, everywhere people will seek a way to sneak off from the responsibility of being a help and rather expect others to do it.

We may think and talk about such theoretical topics because, why would anybody step in fire for a stranger?

Relating To the Topic

Specifically to talk about this specific case, it is reported that an A.T.M security guard was spectator of the situation too.

Instead of shooting the killer on leg, the guard was thoughtful about closing the shutters of the A.T.M.

The Security Guard could have done something because he had weapons but he didn’t do anything.

May be, If he stepped further with a gun, others might have got the confidence to help him, too but that did not happen.

There is a possibility that others must have joined him because at times people only need a push or a pat on the back to take initiative.

In spite of witnessing the cold blooded act, mob is so busy taking the photographs or shooting the whole incident.

The Social-Psychos

This shows the evolving human nature and the influence of social media, where people are more bothered about their “likes” rather than engaging in pro-social behaviour, which is quite jaw-dropping.

These acts can leave anybody numb.

One of the men among the onlookers reported, they were shooting so as to provide proof to the police.

But, what is the need of shooting same incident by so many people? Of course, the culprit and event remained same.

This is absolutely bogus, derogatory, spineless and coldly act by the people when they did not act.

Enough About Eyewitness, The Guard

What could make a man kill in cold blood while ruining his whole life?

What possibly could have happened to him that broke his mind so much that he thought jail is better than independent life.

It is brought into the notice that the Guard was made to do household chores and get stuff from the market which he disliked because he was made to do jobs which were not mentioned in his job letter.

He is an employee whose mere work is to stay with the Judge and guard him.

Now every person needs to secure his self-respect in order to keep doing a specific job.

In this case the guard couldn’t have possibly broken out the vicious circle of job and alleged abuse at work, because of his family.

By the way “What was the guard doing with
his wife and son on the road in car when he was supposed to be with

As Per Reports

It is reported by the one of the officers working with the
Judge that the guard was maltreated and often scolded by Judge.

The accused allegedly confessed, he had frequent fights with the wife
of Judge and the boy also used to misbehave with him.

This is a big question mark on the current parenting too?

We have our class system so rigid and definitely demarcated that we
almost unconsciously treat them as somebody lower to us and a little

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