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(Boney Bindra) Arvind Kejriwal is coming to Punjab tomorrow and many of the political philosophers beleive that there is just one reason of his coming to the state, Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira has been giving the Aam Adami Party’s Punjab unit all kind of hibbie-jibbies ever since he was removed from his Leader Of Opposition seat, three months ago on 26th July.

Khaira minutes after being sacked from the Post of Leader of Opposition, erupted a political storm in the state.

“I have discharged my duty as LoP with uttermost sincerity, dedication n fearlessness towards PB n Punjabi’s. If speaking d truth n espousing d cause of PB, Punjabi’s n Sikhs cost me LoP I’m prepared let go 100 such positions. Those at d helm have done what Cong-Sad-Bjp wanted-Khaira”

This tweet of Sukhpal Khaira after the shocking sacking of his made it quite clear that he is not going to stay in the party for longer.

Then the Bathinda AAP volunteers Convention of Second August, killed every last bit of the Aam Adami Party unit present in him.

I mean, Khaira Along with eight other MLAs of his kind destructed the very structure of the Party for crying out loud.

Then Bhagwant Mann’s press conference and rest is history.

Tomorrow, the Chief Minister of Delhi is coming to Punjab, as per reports, he is expected to make huge announcements.

There are some serious things that can happen tomorrow.

Just yesterday, Sukhpal Singh Khaira expressing his anger on the party’s current announcements of five Lok Sabha candidates for 2019, declared that he will just wait till next month on the truce talks.

And today the news flashed that Sukhpal Singh Khaira is coming to Punjab, tomorrow is the first November.

So, here are some of the things that ‘can’ happen;

Sacking of Khaira and Sandhu

Yes as per political analyses Sukhpal Singh Khaira and his right hand, Kanwar Sandhu can be expelled from the party.

Mind you, these two are the only people who have been calling all the shots. Although the constant raag of autonomy has been ‘alaped’ by these two, nothing like that was seen in their own group of politicians, where the rest of the crew just publically spoke once, at Bathinda Convention.

But, like many political parties, it is very much possible that the decisions are taken by the discussion but only declared by some politicians.

This is a two edged sword, from one side, good point Sandhu and Khaira got all the exposure and from others they got being the only ones who want to break the party.

Party now believes that others are just a push away from falling back into the party but it is the Khaira and Sandhu who are stopping them and if these two are separated from the rest of the lot, it might do it.

Member Parliament Bhagwant Singh Mann has claimed it on more than one occasions that their group is in talks with many MLAs from the Khaira.

The Other Possibility

There is a good chance that Kejriwal may come and explain his side of the story. He can play the card of giving autonym to the Punjab unit already and we are not talking about the core committee, no sir!!

In this whole scenario of Khaira’s removal from the Leader of Opposition seat, not once, the Chief Minister Arvind Bansal Kejriwal once fell on the bad side of things.

He always replied, “Sb Kuch Thik Kr Lenge Ji Jldi Hi, Hmare Apne Hi Hain Sb” (Will make everything fine soon, we all are together) whenever was asked about the whole Khaira chapter.

Kejriwal will say that, Khaira’s demand of autonomy is totally fake, as he has given it to Punjab state unit but what they have done with that, world knows.

He may say, “Maine Ji Dekho self-sufficiency Pehle Hi De Rakhi Hia, Is matter Mein Maine Kuch Nhi Bola Abhi Tak, Inhone party Khilaf Boht Kuch Kiya Main Nhi Bola, Ki Punjab Ka Masla Hai, Isme Shamata Hai, Apne Faisle Khud Lene Ki, Aur Kya Khud-Mukhityari Kya Denge Hum?

(I have already provided self-sufficiency  to Punjab. I haven’t uttered a word on this thing till now. They took so many steps against the party but I remained quiet because I knew Punjab is pretty much capable of taking its own decisions, what else is, autonomy to them?)


Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s political stature is way bigger than it used to be once in Punjab. He has a huge fan-following in the state.

With the support of other right leaders, like Bains brothers, Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi and supposedly some of the ex-Taksali Akalies Khaira can do some real damage to the  Aam Adami party in Punjab.

Kejriwal is a shrewd operator, he knows that as for now, taking a step back is better than losing an election, he did it with his apology to Bikram Singh Majithia.


Whatsoever happens, tomorrow is going to be a big day for the politics of Punjab. There has been no big movement at all from last, this can be interpreted as a silence before  a storm.

It is a big day, November the 1st.

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