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Sukhpal Singh Khaira was today broadcasted a video live on Facebook, where he counter attacked, Shiromani Akali Dal’s candidate from, Khadoor Sahib, Bibi Jagir Kaur.

Actually during a rally recently, ex-SGPC head, Bibi Jagir Kaur taking a dig at Sukhpal Singh Khaira said, “What shall be called of Khaira, who is Gurdwara from the top and a temple from below”.

Kaur’s this remark was a reference on the fact that Khaira is not a proper baptized Sikh as he has uncut hair on his head but, he cuts his facial hair like a Hindu.

Khaira after thanking Shiromani Akali Dal (Taksali) in his live for withdrawing their candidate JJ Singh in respect of Bibi Paramjit Kaur Khalra, targeted Kaur, saying, “I am now going to give fitting reply to Bibi Jagir Kaur for her remarks on me.”

Singh said that by saying this statement, she has insulted the sentiments of both the religions and it also shows that Bibi Jagir Kaur has no respect for Sikh and Hindu feelings.

Ex-Leader of Opposition also said that whenever Jagir Kaur is going to campaign for Khadoor Sahib, she comes to the constituency via beauty parlor.

PEP star campaigner cleared that he have never called himself Amritdhari (Baptized Sikh), whereas Bibi Jagir Kaur has not followed the rules of religion despite being a Amritdhari herself, “she disrespects her hair, photos on social media are proof of it.”

Through his video, Sukhbir Khaira has urged all the people of Khandur Sahib to teach Bibi Jagir Kaur a lesson during the Lok Sabha elections.

What else, Khaira said you can watch in this video below:

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