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Three parties are being targeted the most in this scenario of Pulwama terrorist attack; Pakistan, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

Pakistan for its alleged involvement in the attack, Navjot Singh Sidhu for denying to accept that indeed Pakistan have done it and Khaira for allegedly demoralizing military in this hour of worry.

We will talk about the first two later, first let’s talk about the previous leader of opposition, Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

Let’s first what Khaira said previously?;

This matter was raised by Indian media and Punjabi media equally, the situation escalated so quickly that Sukhpal again had to go live and defend himself.
He said for the people who are making adverse calls to him and commenting  obscene things under his posts must donate some money to the families of martyrs.

Actually Khaira was cornered by many NRIs who have been calling him ever since his comments on Indian army, confronting him from all ends, here is one such call recording, which happened allegedly between one NRI and the ex-AAP leader;

To a one of his special Facebook admirer, who went on volumes to insult Khaira for his comments on Indian army, the previous LoP of Punjab Vidhan Sabha shredding very last thread of a leader’s  responsibility correlated to  public speaking, said, “Ehna ne apni hi lidd keeti hai” (he has shitted himself).

Listen to him here;

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