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After the formation of his new party, on Friday, Sukhpal Khehra today reached Golden Temple, Sri Harmindir Sahib, where he thanked god and seek his guidance for own further political inning.

Talking to the media, Khaira here said that due to the greedy people and political parties, the situation in Punjab has worsened and the Punjabi Ekta Party has been formed in collaboration with the honest people of the state, to save Punjab and Punjabiyat.

At the same time, while declaring Zora Singh commission a fake, Khaira said why Zora Singh is now revealing the unknown and almost fake facts on the sacrilege cases.

“Why he was silent at the time he was investigating?” said Khaira . He siad that Zora Singh’s work was hand out a clean chit to the Badals and now he is trying to save the culprits as well.

Disclosing this, Khaira said that Zora Singh is contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Fatehgarh Sahib, which is why he is making such statements now, to help Aam Adami Party in the process.

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