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(Boney Bindra) The social media and overall war in between the Aam Adami Party’s Punjab unit is kind of going out of hands at the moment.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira from last some days has adopted a new habit of sharing other peoples’ posts on his Facebook account, which it looks like may land him into soup.

Actually Sukhpal Singh Khaira has shared a post from some profile on 28th of October 2018.

This post turned out to be an interview of the current Leader of Opposition of Vidhan Sabha of Punjab, Harpal Singh Cheema conducted by some private channel.

In the interview Harpal Cheema, current LoP can be seen and heard saying that Sukhpal Singh Khiara’s removal from his post from the seat of LoP was justified.

At one point of the interview Cheema says, “In this modern age when big personalities have to provide information to the media, they do it via tweet.”

Above written was the answer to the question asked, “Cheema sahib it has been three months since you were appointed the LoP but people still are talking about how you were appointed through a tweet.”

Khaira shared the video, there was nothing wrong in it, except one thing, the person who uploaded the video, uploaded it under the caption, “Dekh Lao Inkalab Leyaon Wale Akhoti  Chaudhrian Da Haal, Khud Nu Khudmukhtyar Ate Aam Adami Dassan Wale Delhi Waleyan De Talve Chattde Ne Te Ohna Nu Wadde Log Dasde Ne”.

(Look at these fake revolutionaries leaders, they are calling themselves self-dependent and a common man, but they clearly are touts of Delhi leadership and call them bigger person, authority-wise.)

These kind of shares and use of strong language can be a huge hit to the truce talks going on in AAP Punjab.

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