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“Sukhpal Singh Khaira will have to start his Bargadi Insaf March over the dead body of my son, whom his pilot car has killed.”


These are the words of the father (Ranbir Singh) whose son was squashed first under the wheels of Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s convoy’s car.

The Father

Ranbir Singh, a totally heartrending father with tears in his eyes and gloom in his sound claimed that no one from the Khaira’s camp have called him yet, let alone Khaira himself.

Singh claimed that when his son was hit by  Khaira’s pilot car, they helped him taking his son to the hospital.

“Once my son was admitted, they handed me five thousand rupees, and left the place, ever since we haven’t heard a single word from them, they are not even picking our phones,” claimed the crying father.

The family of the deceased has declared that they are not going to cremate the remaining body of their child but they are going to take it to Kotakpura tomorrow in the morning.

As per family the ex-LoP will have to go over the six-year-old’s dead body to start the march.

The Uncle

Asa Ram, uncle of the victim asked, “Sukhpal is demanding and fighting for the justice of the whole state but where he is now, who will serve justice here, he hasn’t even done a courtesy call, this is not acceptable, he will have to talk to us.”

Three days ago, Sukhpal Singh’s pilot car smashed a six-year-old at Dera Baba NanakSar of Firozpur who sadly died yesterday, night.

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