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(Boney Bindra) So finally, the suspended leader of Aam Adami Party Punjab, Sukhpal Singh Khaira announced his new party today under the banner of ‘Punjabi Ekta Party’.

In front of somewhat a dense gathering, the previous Spokesperson of Congress addressed the issues of Punjab which he and his new party will be eliminating.

Fairly writing, not being afraid of the trolls, there was nothing new in these promises/issues, all old things which the MLA Bholath has been talking about  ever since his removal from the Leader of Opposition seat by the party, were repeated again today, so it was a letdown for people who were expecting anything new.

Sukhpal talked in lengths about what his party can do, will do or might do for the populace of Punjab, but the thing which caught the attention of people is the sidelining of usual Speaker of Khiara faction, Kanwar Sandhu, which did not say a single word at the whole ceremony.

And it was not only Sandhu who was ignored, rest of the MLAs were paid no heed to, as well. As the matter of fact no MLA from the party spoke on this occasion, not even one MLA.

It is turning out to be a big blunder for the upcoming big party of Punjab. Social media is already calling it a big hypocritical of Khaira to be labeling Kejriwal a dictator and keeping the best post of the party to himself.

“Khaira didn’t even let anyone else talk from his stage, what kind of democratic party is this?”

“Where is Sandhu, Bains, why wasn’t any of the Taksali leader wasn’t invited at the function?”

reads some of the comments.

And rightly so, where were the Bains bros? Where were the rest of the MLAs of Aam Adami Party who are supporting his cause from the Adam?

Why everyone else was reduced to mere spectators?

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