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Sukhpal Singh Khaira in an interview given to Global Punjab Tv today claimed that it did hurt him a whole lot when he congress did not invite him to last day’s Sultanpur Lodhi’s function.

“I am an elected representative of Kapurthala district, they could have invited me there too,” complained a pissed suspended AAP leader.

He further added that neither MLA Bholath nor MLA Fagwada was invited to the function, which he thinks was unfair.
Previous LoP of Punjab Vidhan Sabha longing love from previous party, asked, “Does Nanak belong to the Congress party only? They didn’t even invite the religious leaders of the district too.”

Using words like Bigotry, Jealousy and hatred Khaira suggested that Congress should avoid these kind of traits, this is what Guru Nanak actually suggested;


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