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Sticking to the plans of being a Sikh party the Aam Adami Party rebels Sukhpal Singh Khaira and Kanwar Sandhu along with others rebel MLAs today protest at sector 17 of Chandigarh for seeking justice for the victims of Sikh genocide and Behbal Kalan kand.

Sukhpal Khaira along with some 40-50 followers  protested for two good hours before calling it a day.

The protesters were holding little banners of grief while this agitation, reading “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” and “First 1984 and now Behbal Kalan, Indian Justice System failed to serve justice in both”.

Talking on the matter Memeber Legislative Assembly, from Kharar, Kanwar Sandhu said, ” Politicians were so set that Congress was behind the Sikh genocide, they won elections on this agenda, but when they came to power, they did next to nothing in this matter, which shows their alliance.

While on the other hand, bombarding straight on the Badals, the ex-Leader of Opposition, Sukhpal Singh Khaira claimed that, Akalis have announced that they are going to protest against genocide in Delhi on November 4th, which is irony at it best.

“They are the alliance party with BJP which are in power, what are they protesting against? Can’t they simply ask them to serve justice to us?” asked Khaira.

Targeting the Badal husband wife directly Khaira said, ” Sukhbir has been in the cabinet, Harsimrat Badal is still in the center cabinet, they are the government itself, we coming on streets make sense, not thiers”

He further added that the Bargadi and Behbal Kalan case is turning into something similar to the Sikh genocide, as governments are not keen into prevailing the justice.

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