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Khaira-Sandhu Started Spreading Wings, Announced Beginning of New Structure

Sukhapal Singh Khaira along with his right hand, Kanwar Sandhu today has announced that they are going to starting to expand the wings in Punjab.

“As per rules passed on our Bathinda Convention, we with the agreement of our volunteer friends demolished the previous structure of the party,” recalled Sandhu.

The politician turned journalist declared, “We gave our friends on the Delhi group a lot of time, we even made a five member committee just so that they can make peace easily, which they ignored.”

The MLA Khrar, then claimed that now the Khaira group of Aam Adami Party Punjab are going to appoint District Heads all over Punjab.

Sandhu also affirmed that their group’s eight MLAs will act as observers and there won’t be any old procedure followed in this job.

“We have already started the process with the PAC but halted it because that might have been taken as our counterparts as our way of shutting down the peace talks, for which we made the Five-Member committee, which was never contacted,” claimed Kanwar.

AAP MLA claimed that his group was under immense pressure by the volunteers which is why they had to act on  it.

Rest you can hear in this video of his Press Conference;


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