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(Boney Bindra) When we were little kids we used to eat dirt and think Mukesh Khanna actually used to have all the powers of his fictional character, Shaktimaan.

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But as the theory of evolution dictates, everything must develop, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.

The time today has changed a lot, when we were kids we did not had any mobiles, we didn’t had the lightning fast internet, we used to watch a TV that didn’t even had colors.

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Nonetheless, evolution has played its part, and transformed the world a lot, which is making some seven something years old  kids very angry all over the world, especially in Germany.

“Play With Us Not Your Phones”

So, this happened in Germany, where children not older than seven years gathered under an Idea, which is highlighted upon this paragraph as the headline.

They were frustrated because they were being robbed off blind from the most important thing of their life, “mother’s life”.

Apparently, kidsanow days are feeling that their mothers are too busy to love and even nourish them properly.

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So, one little dude named Emil one day, decided to drop that half white and half transparent bottle of milk and decided to gather his tiny supporters, who could stand by his cause and organised a march.

In Hamburg of Germany, young kids, some as young as four years old, marched on the streets of Hamburg to mark their protest against their own mothers, who were too busy to nurture them.

 The Frustration

I, in my whole life till now have, never seen kids this young protesting, and that also for something as vital as their mother’s love.

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This frustrated me as much as the kids themselves. It has been written probably a zillion of times before and I am going to write it down again, ‘kids are like blank canvases, you don’t have to be a great artists to paint every picture perfectly, you just need to know how to draw something positive’.


What is technoference? It is a name given to condition in which a parent needs to keep on checking his/her phone, even when kids need them.

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Now, a study was conducted at and by the University of Michigan and Illinois State University, which engaged over 200 families in their little experiment.

The study found out that parents who use their smartphones in excess during parenting, are more likely to raise a troublemaker.

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Kids with parents suffering from technoference, will grow up to be someone like Donal Trump, who is always grumpy and has a tendency of taking rash decisions.

What Can We Do?

I don’t know about you, but next time when I am seeing a parent using phone I am going to interfere and tell them how their kids need their time.

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I am also going to warn them that don’t complaint later if your kid turns out as a badly behaving human being, because this is what they are actually doing to their kids.

The Video

Finally here’s video of kids protesting themselves, look how cutely sad they are;


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