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Yes it is not, four days back ex-LoP Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s pilot car killed a six-year-old boy at Dera Baba Nanaksar of Ferozpur thanks to rashless driving of his driver and today Khaira himself broke the law, driving his car.

Actually the AAP rebel was so drown into attracting crowds for his Bargadi march that even forgot to stop his park aside before going live on his Facebook Page.

Khaira actually went live, just to convey that his followers who are reaching Kotakpura should gather at the Grain Market of Kotakpura.

If you don’t know

If you don’t yet, on the evening of 3rd October this year, Sukhpal Singh Khaira was at Firozpur to invite people to his march.

While he was going back, at Dera Baba Nanaksar, the pilot car from his convoy hit a six-old-year son of a rickshaw puller.

The boy later died day before yesterday but, even till now no one has called the victim’s family.

The Warning

The victim family yesterday declared that they are not going to cremate their boy’s body but will lay it on the way of Khaira and he shall walk over his body to start the march.

Here is Victim’s Father’s Byte:

See the Sukhpal Singh Live yourself;

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