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Time is gone when stars are projected as all goody, all glossy and without any flaws, celebs till the end of last century, were like Sachin Tendulkar, no foul language and no hard feelings for anyone.

But, this is new India which has no image to carry and a plenty of swear words in its arsenal, Virat Kohli can be a perfect example of this.

But, we are not here to talk about some 22 yard pitch game, we are here to talk about Punjabi movie and music star, Ammy Virk.

Ammy is known for his openness and his free flow speaking skills, and he has proven it again why no one must cross the limits with him.

Actually, was live on his Instagram, singing his famous song, “Tara” when during the live streaming one of the follower abused him in Punjabi.

Virk stopped singing and replied him in the way he could understand, see the video for better understanding what happens next:

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