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23 year old Amarjit Singh from India, who was missing in Pakistan has been found and sent back to India. He was a part of the group of Sikh pilgrims gone with the Jatha to Panja Singh Gurudwara in Pakistan, and was missing since a couple of days. The matter came into light after Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) informed authorities that one of the pilgrims had not collected his passport. The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs started looking for the person and found him staying at his friend’s place in Pakistan.

After the investigation, it is concluded that he went to meet his facebook friend from Pakistan and thought of staying at his place till his visa expiry date is near.

A jatha of around 1,800 Sikh yatris had been in Pakistan from April 12 and the entire Jatha was to return on Saturday. The boy has been found and sent back to India today evening.

On Thursday, a jatha woman from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, who had gone to celebrate Baisakhi in Pakistan on April 12 just four days, has embraced Islam and married a Lahore resident. During pilgrimage to Pakistan with a Sikh jatha (pilgrims group), she converted her religion and allegedly got married there. She has also urged the Pakistani government to extend her visa claiming threat to her life back home.
Acxording to the reports, she had embraced Islam from Dar-ul-Ulaoom Naeemia, Lahore on April 16 and changed her name to Amna Bibi. She also informed the ministry that she had married Muhammad Azam from Hanjarwal Multan Road, Lahore.

Her father-in-law Tarsem Singh from Hoshiarpur claimed that that the woman’s name is Kiran Bala, she is a widow and mother of three kids. She had gone to visit Nanakana Sahib on Vaisakhi as a member of the Sikh jatha. But, a mediaperson informed him this Wednesday that she got married with a Pakistani. (ByPriyadeepKaur)

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