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Cooking gas for domestic use’s prices are hiked for the second time for the month if November and people are spellbound to say NaMo Namah!

Narendra Modi government, which has been under the black cloud for raising prices of Petrol and diesel along with the dropping rupee, will take this as a load when they will be fighting the 2019 elections.

The cooking gas prices (subsidized) in Delhi will now cost the natives exactly, Rs.507.42, when it was earlier available for 505.34 rupees.

“Pending finalisation of De-Novo Study for revision of LPG distributors’ commission and taking into consideration the increase in transportation costs, wages etc, it has been decided to revise the distributors’ commission to Rs. 50.58 per 14.2 kg cylinder and Rs. 25.29 per 5 kg cylinder as an interim measure,” the order said.

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