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People do put their superstition above medical science and there can be no better example than the treatment people receive form a 200-year-old deep well in Jandiali Village, Ludhiana.

Jandiali’s people have a belief that by hanging patients several times in that old well will treat their pain.

Populace from far-flung areas go to Jandiali to get rid of their physical ailments.

The village which lies about 15 km from Ludhiana follows this service every Sunday and the amazing fact is that every practice performed there is free.

It is said that once a monk came to the village and took bath in that well. And that is the reason why the well was given a boon to cure human diseases.

One important thing about this matter is that by putting people in the miraculous well 7 times removes all physical suffering.

Many people even claim that they had received benefits from this method and now they were coming to the forehead.

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