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Black magic

A Delhi resident has been today arrested by the local police, reportedly for making sacrifice and performing black magic.

As reported by NDTV, this man wanted to women to like him more, so sacrificed a barn owl.

Accused, Kanhaya, a 40 year old trucker was traced by Delhi Police when they were informed by AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of india), about his alleged crime.

In a raid conducted by police they found the corpses of this barn owl in the water tank of the cooler.

Police are claiming that this man showed them the YouTube video in which it was described, how and when to sacrifice an owl, so that women may get attracted to a male.

Report reads that the family of accused was aware of the fact that this man made sacrifice of an owl, after Diwali.

The story narrates that Kanhaya was attracted to a girl and wanted to hypnotize her. Oh and he is married, plus have three kids

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